Dutch Houses Pt 3

For the better part of my first 3 years here, this building was covered by scaffolding and been under renovation for what seemed like forever. Everyday on my commute to work, I would pass by this building and wonder when it would ever finish. Finally in autumn of last year, the Royal Palace or Paleis op de Dam was fully redone and is now again open to the public. It's easily the most accessible of the royal houses, being in the center of Amsterdam. Originally built as the city hall during the 17th century, it's now used by the royal family for state visits and other official functions.
The building is not actually owned by the royal family, they were just given permanent use by the state. When the royal family had their own royal wedding a few years ago, they had the requisite post-nuptial-kiss-for-the-adoring-public on this palace balcony. Good news is it's been 10 years and so far they're still together.
So glad the renovations were finally done in my lifetime. Sitting in the tram as I passed by this building on my daily commute wondering bleary-eyed what was inside, it's finally a relief to have been able to go and see what it was all about.

Tot zo!

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