Amsterdam Woonmall

For the longest time - ever since we made the move to Amsterdam along with all the new stuff we'd already bought - once we'd recovered from all the initial expenses, we talked about so many plans of getting this for the living room and getting that for the bedroom, and so on. We waited and then we waited some more. We had to wait even longer as at one point both my partner and I were out of jobs at the same time. 
That's the economy for you. 
Well, we finally made it through the hump and thought it was time to get that armchair we'd always wanted. Off we went to the Amsterdam area's one and only shopping mall to contribute to the world economy.
So here it was, an entire mall dedicated to just house stuff. If there had to be only one mall for this city, it's good that it turned out to be this one. It was beautiful. I loved the fact there were design elements everywhere. The green Bakerstreet restaurant on stilts was amazing. Sadly though, the food was a big blah. 
As for our armchair, it's scheduled to be delivered in 10 weeks - which happens to be the week of my partner's birthday. Happy birthday, honey, you have an armchair!