The Company Christmas Party

We just had our company's Christmas party last night.

Here it is with about 4000 people attending. The company flew in hundreds (if not thousands) of staff from different parts of the world, and put them up in hotels, so they could attend this.
There was an open bar and food was served.
The music played.
And dancing ensued. There would be professional dancers and fireworks later on.
I went there together with my trusty colleague who brought a couple of friends with her.
Her friends were in full attendance that evening....and boy were they popular. (:
Right before I left to go home, the company CEO came on stage to give us his pep talk...and to let us know that we would ALL be getting iPad Minis. Merry Christmas!!!!! Not a few of us were ecstatic -- I for one thought it was amazing. It was pretty much an episode of The Oprah show.

When I came into work this morning I expected an e-mail confirming what he had told ALL OF US but there wasn't any. Was it just a dream? Did I drink too much? Early in the afternoon the e-mail finally arrived, direct from the CEO no less. After reading the finer points, my mood turned sour as evidently NOT ALL OF US were getting them. In as much as I'm grateful for the employment I've been given, I would have appreciated not being led to believe something only for it to be taken back later on. That's just not right. 

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