Miami in Heat

Oh, haven't changed at all. And that's not always a good thing.
From the Keys, we drove the 90 minutes to Miami Beach for my partner who insisted on seeing the city he'd always heard and read about. I blame all those Real Housewives of Miami episodes he's addicted to. (:
I myself have great memories from the last time I was there. But that was a whole lifestyle ago when all I thought about was how to have a good time and how to look good doing it. This time around I see the same, old Miami, complete with preening, poorly-clothed boys with their predictable barbed wire tattoos, and the preening, cheap-looking girls who love them. I see the same Ocean Drive busy as always, complete with muscle car and motorcycle show-offs. I see the same Miami that hasn't grown up.
It felt very uncomfortable being there and I was quite happy to have left a few hours later.
And what is up with the drivers?! Not a few Fast-and-Furious wanna-bes were basically giving the rest of us the finger with their speeding in and out of highway traffic. I haven't seen so many idiots on the road in a long time, it seemed like it was every man for himself. Whatever happened to Miami law enforcement?? It's been nice knowing you, Miami, but if I ever see you again it would be too soon. It's not you, it's me -- I've simply moved on.

Next, corndogs and ice cream...

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