The Keys

We finally made it to the Florida Keys --- after a full six hours! If I'd known this beforehand I would have nixed the idea from the start. But since we were already there, might as well enjoy the ride.
And what a ride it was!
Route 1 has one of the best-looking views I've seen on any highway. When it runs over the ocean, the water ranges from a dark blue to a beautiful turquoise. Safe to say this is one of the prettiest places in the States. So glad the weather cooperated.
We never made it to Key West. After six hours on the road we'd only reached Conch Key with still 70 miles to go - we decided to turn back and head to Miami. If I'm lucky I'll be back to continue our unfinished trip to Key West, but for now I'm content to simply see it on Google streetview. 
Next, hello and goodbye, Miami...

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