X-Files Country

Thank you, jetlag, for waking me up before the crack of dawn.

Somewhere in the many plans my partner had made for this trip was one where we would drive from Kissimmee all the way to Miami. That's about a three to four hour drive. That plan went south --- well, southwest to be exact as my partner's (literal) drive for adventure had us go even further to the Florida keys and Key West. That meant an extra two hours more. Thankfully, at the end of it all the road trip came without a hitch.

I on the other hand was in constant paranoia, plagued with anxiety. X-Files was one of my favorite shows even though it gave me the creeps at times. Having lived in cities all my life, I've developed a slight aversion to anything rural, and more so given the X-Files factor, I've become wary about the kindness of rural folk. I'd always imagine a cop car stopping me for some made-up excuse or getting lost in a cornfield (don't know why I'd end up in a cornfield in the first place but you never know) and ending up being the scarecrow. Sad but true. In any case, we were lucky enough to encounter great weather and some pretty sights along the way. Who knew Florida had so much character!
Next, Noshing in the middle of nowhere...

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