Vienna Waits

This was one of those slow weekends at home -- plopped on the couch interweb surfing, catching up on American TV, and video-hopping on Youtube where I ended up listening to classic Billy Joel. I have to say hearing a Billy Joel song feels like a lucky meeting with a long-lost friend sometimes.

One of the few places here in Europe that I've somehow yet to visit just happens to be Vienna, which is surprising because it's not really that far and generally not expensive. I guess it doesn't help that I'd only worked four months out of the last twelve - everything else has to take a backseat to food and running water.

If I do finally make it to Vienna, I would certainly want to stay somewhere as fun as this hotel I found online. Cute! Wish I could have something like that on our bare walls.
image c/o 25 hours hotel
Curious if those red shoes are part of the decor. I can't say what my partner thinks about this but I hope he'd at least consider it. We can't all always stay at the Four Seasons!

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