Michelin Accomplished

Thank my lucky stars, my first Michelin restaurant in Amsterdam has finally come to pass!
Ron Blaauw was in my shortlist to show my friends what the city had to offer. Though I felt it was somewhat of a longshot, mainly because it wasn't close to where they were staying nor to any places in their agenda, it was conveniently on the same tramline that went straight to their hotel. And after the increasing complexity of the dinners they'd had so far, I had to cap off their last night in Amsterdam with something memorable, much like last year's opulence in Athens. Because despite the culinary wasteland we live in, there are still patches of oases for those with shekels to spend.
Amazingly, they gave us three different amuse-bouches. 
While I appreciate the heads up, I'd be the last person to rightly interpret how they're supposed to represent the chef's approach. And while I can also appreciate the preparation and effort, my confidence, to be honest, only lies in my taste buds - whether the food tastes good to me or not. I'm glad to say, and with a sigh of relief, that in this case it was all good. 
And then the dance of the seven courses began. As with all tasting menus, the servings were on the small-ish side and were a delicious memory in a couple or so bites. For the taciturn crowd this can be a bit of a challenge. Since there is a fairly long wait between courses, a lot of repartee needs to take place, lest one be left with a lot of awkward silences. Unless you're a Chatty Cathy (or brought one along) it would be wiser to stick with the a la carte menu.
The whole production lasted quite a while, and before we knew it, it was another leisurely three-hour dinner. From the time we came in at half past seven to the time dessert was finished we were ready to wave the white linen flag and call it a night.
As we grabbed our coats and walked out the door, it seemed like another opulent dinner lived up to expectations. That by any measure means success - Michelin accomplished!

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