Look At Our New Digs!

It almost feels like a promotion.
Our entire department has leveled up - literally. We lucked out and were able to move to the penthouse floor of our building where everything is - and smells - factory-fresh and spanking brand-new. Bigger and better tables, more comfortable seats, gorgeous windows that let so much light in, and even better views of the city. The lucky dog that I am, for eight hours (or so) a day I get to call it my own.
I've seen my share of offices and it's certainly not your run of the mill. The high ceilings, the design elements, the touches of warm wood, the peace and quiet, AND the enormous space - what a luxury is that. The only thing missing was the cheese to go along with the whine. Even as it has got to be one of the better office spaces in Amsterdam, the adage 'you can't please everyone' couldn't be more true as I ended up hearing some whiney Cathys complain about the smell, the heat, the cold, etc, ad nauseum. Really, some people will complain about anything. I, on the other hand, couldn't be happier, and certainly couldn't ask for anything more.

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